Major Dad's Hot Young Naked Men


ChangingClothes from ShyGuy on Vimeo.

Doing It My Way from Kenny Batu on Vimeo.

Safe sex animation commissioned by Revelation Magazine in NYC.

Keep energetic from 547j on Vimeo.

The Present Of Cinema from Lior S on Vimeo.

The Present Of Cinema-
a film by Lior Shamriz, commissioned by the Oberhausen Kurzfilmtage 2013 -
part of “The Future of Cinema” / a series of seven videos compiled by shama khanna and vera tollmann

Essayage de maillots de bain from Jeanlev on Vimeo.

Même si je préfère ne pas en mettre, j’ai plusieurs maillot de bain. Je fais donc un essayage de quelques uns.
A vos avis !
Lequel dois je mettre ?

i can’t choose my swimwear. I need help. Please say me what i will wear.

ARTporn :: Mirrors #3 :: play with the male form from Herbert Gruber on Vimeo.

Another Mirror-video made from mirrored images, a funny, erotic and always astonishing little piece of ARTporn. The play with human, male forms of “mutated” teenboy’s bodies and faces focuses the look on the details, organic curves and the beauty of the human body. But to be earnest: the results are really funny…

Video/Slides: Herbert Gruber, 2014
Music: “The Builder” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

after trimming the bush from Casper dekker on Vimeo.

the mess after youve trimmed your bodyhair and the bush. hair averywear..

naked bicycle ride from lupin2000 on Vimeo.

Frank Yang 楊士毅 (Not The Ring) from Frank Yang on Vimeo.

a film by Frank Yang.

Nakedheart am Frequency 2014 from Warda Network on Vimeo.

Video by

Sigur Ros - Fjögur Píanó from Alma Har’el on Vimeo.

Sigur Rós has announced an upcoming project titled “Mystery Film Experiment,” which is a collection of music videos for the album, Valtari.
Each video made by different filmmakers. “With the films, we have literally no idea what the directors are going to come back
with. None of them know what the others are doing, so it could be interesting.”
“ Fjögur Píanó” was written & directed by ALMA HAR’EL and is starring SHIA LABEOUF and DENNA THOMSON.
The other artists and directors signed on for the project include: Nick Abrahams, Arni & Kinski, Ramin Bahrani, Melika Bass, Inga & Lilja Birgisdottir, Sarah Hopper, Clare Langan, Henry Jun Wah Lee, Ryan McGinley, John Cameron Mitchell and Dash Shaw.

A short story.

A man and a woman locked in a never ending cycle of addiction and desire.

Slowly losing their ability to separate themselves from each other, they try to hold on to dead fleeting moments
as they mark the days passing them by.

„ Father „ - IGOR JORIK -art video from Igor Jorik on Vimeo.


Object Number Nine from Evie Leder on Vimeo.

Video Loop/Installation. Varied Sizes and Configurations. trt 12 min
For more information about this project, visit

The men stand upright throughout their sessions, yet they break stance at intervals to stretch, to straighten up, to open their hands. I’ve asked the men to close their eyes at specific times, so we can see them without their gaze back at us. The closing of the eyes is important for this sense of relaxation. It also adds layers of watching, for the viewer and the viewed. I asked them to “Breathe. Imagine yourself as a rocket. Imagine that you are floating in space.”
I’m inspired by the Surrealists, by contemporaries such as Marina Abramowiz, and also by Jasper Johns. I love how Johns discussed iconic objects and how an artist can participate in dissipating their iconic power. I thought, how can I do this with the male figure?

This project was funded in part by the SF Arts Commission

Second Video from mark jason on Vimeo.

Was in a good mood so I felt like doing another one!

Indoor male wrestling at London UK from Eureka Naturist UK on Vimeo. is a clothing optional spa resort and sun club located 30 minutes from London UK. The club is open 364 days a year. Please see website for extensive galleries and details of our naturist bodypainting, wrestling and twister event which we run a number of times a year.

Wrestling events are mostly male participation, though ladies also welcome. The clips show a limited number of volunteers who wished to appear in our event videos, but events generally attract 50 to 60 male participants, age range 20’s to 50’s.