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So Gunged in a wild old World from ARCHIVES on Vimeo.

So Gunged in a wild old World
from © Meton Atopik 2014

Excerpt from a new film by Meton Atopik soon whole on

Test from Anar Beckinsale on Vimeo.

Un paso mas… from NeWee on Vimeo.

LO SCONOSCIUTO DEL LAGO Clip (dal 26 Settembre al cinema) from Teodora Film Distribuzione on Vimeo.

Shipwrecked in La Gomera from Susie Harrison on Vimeo.

Living the naturist life on a beach on La Gomera, and living in a cave….. I made this film from a humorous and arty angle, presuming this fellow to be shipwrecked.

1:Romance On The Set - Quinn Christopher Jaxon from Patrick Mark on Vimeo.

A behind-the-scenes look at my shoot with dancer/Andrew Christian model Quinn Christopher Jaxon in Austin TX. Quinn gives his take and shares advice on male modeling.

Free music supplied by Partners in Ryhme ( and PacDV (

Lifeproof Nude Experience from CLOTXA on Vimeo.

Testing the lifeproof cover for iPhone4. It’s wonderful!

Artur Zmijewski - An Eye for An Eye, 1998 from Hurford Center on Vimeo.

Artur Zmijewski
An Eye for An Eye, 1998
Video projected, 11:28 minutes
Courtesy of Foksal Gallery Foundation, Warsaw
Subtitles by Alicja Kielczewska and Michael Rushmore

Oko za oko (An Eye for an Eye) consists of a set of three large-format color photographs and a video. The photographs and video depict naked men with amputated limbs, accompanied by able-bodied people, who in the staged photographs and in the film “lend” their limbs to the amputated as they stroll, climb stairs or bathe. The naked bodies of the protagonists were assembled by the artist in complex compositions creating bodily hybrids: two-headed men, men with two pairs of arms etc., and at the same time the appearance of new able-bodied organisms in which the “healthy” supply the amputated with substitute limbs. The title of Zmijewski’s work recalls the antique rule of dispensing justice, but the artist is not concerned with the question of revenge but with that of possibilities.

Eating Out 3 (Chris Salvatore) from pedro duc on Vimeo.

Anders Rydning from pedro duc on Vimeo.

Pornomancer 1.1.2 from Romulaizer Pardo on Vimeo.

Recorrido falaz de una prosa audiovisual con argumentaciones dislocadas. Esfuerzo incontinente de mostrar una eventualidad traumática, vigente y presencial. Producto casero desde la mazamorra de la imaginación pornográfica. Continuación del intento por exorcizar una instancia interiorizada. Publicidad de un par de testículos bajo una guitarra.

KwAllDressed from on Vimeo.

Ghost Box from Mark on Vimeo.

wanna drink ? from Mark on Vimeo.

Maneki Neko 100 waves from LAN Hungh on Vimeo.

Maneki Neko/ Die Geldkatze (Japanisches Märchen)